FireFly Photo Booth

The journey started from our window display on Kensington High Street. Customers entered Wholefoods foyer and were greeted at a sampling station. Floor graphics enticed people upstairs and in to an interactive area where we promoted FireFly tonics in a fun, engaging way. We toured the set to Festival N06 where we set up in the woods....


Street walkers are encouraged to interact with the window display by actually getting inside it! We created a tropical Adam and Eve garden, surrounded by a lagoon and lit up with star light. The giant interactive yoghurt pot provided good social media coverage and brand engagement.


Welcome to the world of Tide Ford Organics, the brand who's ethos is to produce healthy, wholesome food which has come straight from the earth. We built an organic landscape showing all the vegetables which go inside their soup and sauce range.

Naked Pressed Juice

Introducing their new, premium juice, Naked wanted a clean, high end, simple display. To relate to the spring season we used pastel colours inspired by the juice flavours. We worked with a paper artist to produce laser cut corrugated card posters, set in wooden frames in response to Naked's high quality request.